Polaris Gem Electric Motorcar Recall; Parking Brake Failure

Vehicle Make / Model:   Model Year(s):
     GEM E2   2010-2013
     GEM E2 XLD   2010-2011
     GEM E2L   2010-2011
     GEM E2S   2010-2011 2013
     GEM E4   2010-2013
     GEM E4S   2012-2013
     GEM E6   2010-2013
     GEM E6S   2012-2013
     GEM EL   2012-2013
     GEM ELXD   2012-2013
     GEM ES   2012
Manufacturer: Polaris Industries, Inc.Report Receipt Date: JAN 04, 2013
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 13V003000NHTSA Action Number: N/A
Potential Number of Units Affected: 4,394
  Polaris is recalling certain model year 2010-2013 Global Electric Motorcars manufactured from January 14, 2010, through November 23, 2012. The parking brake has mechanical components which may wear prematurely and prevent the brake from engaging.
  If the parking brake fails to engage while parking, the driver may not be able to prevent the vehicle from rolling away after exiting the vehicle, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.

It's not really a motorcycle or Atv but it's not really a car either. But it can be defective.
Polaris Gem Recalled for parking brake failure danger

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