Arctic Cat 2008 Models Recalled

Arctic Cat is recalling about 6,000 of their model year 2008 50cc and 90cc all terrain vehicles because the speed controller on the recalled Atv's can fail to kick back to its idle position when the throttle lever is released or the speed controller could fail to be at idle when the vehicle is started.

That can lead to serious injury. The recalled Atv models are:
2008 DVX 50 Black/Red A2008KSA2BUSD
2008 DVX 50 Black/Lime A2008KSA2BUSE
2008 DVX 50 Pink A2008KSA2BUST
2008 DVX 90-California-Black/Red A2008KSB2BCAD
2008 DVX 90-California-Black/Lime A2008KSB2BCAE
2008 DVX 90-California-Pink A2008KSB2BCAT
2008 DVX 90 Black/Red A2008KSB2BUSD
2008 DVX 90 Black/Lime A2008KSB2BUSE
2008 DVX 90 Pink A2008KSB2BUST
2008 50 2X4 Auto Green A2008KUA2BUSG
2008 50 2X4 Auto Red A2008KUA2BUSR
2008 50 2X4 Auto Pink A2008KUA2BUST
2008 90 2X4 Auto-California-Green A2008KUB2BCAG
2008 90 2X4 Auto-California-Red A2008KUB2BCAR
2008 90 2X4 Auto-California-Pink A2008KUB2BCAT
2008 90 2X4 Auto Green A2008KUB2BUSG
2008 90 2X4 Auto Red A2008KUB2BUSR
2008 90 2X4 Auto Pink A2008KUB2BUST
If you've got a bad Atv, call us 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. We get rid of lemons big and small. It's what we do everyday.