Polaris Atv Sportsman, Scrambler Recall

Polaris 2004 and 2005 and 2006 model year All Terrain Vehicles are being recalled because of a fire hazard.

This latest recall affects about 95,000 ATVs in addition to 45,000 recalled in June 2005. Polaris Sportsman and Polaris Scrambler units are involved in the recall.

The ATVs' Electronic Control Modules might be defective and overheat, and create a fire hazard to riders. Polaris reports receiving hundreds of complaints of smoking or melting on ATVs and almost two dozens reports of fires, including 9 that involved catching other property on fire.

The model and serial numbers are printed on a decal attached to the front side of the radiator or the top of the front cab cover and serial numbers are stamped into the left frame rail behind the front wheel.

The recalled models are listed in the chart below:
Model Year Market Name Model Number
2004 SPRTSMN 500 A04CH50AO
2004 SPRTSMN 500 A04CH50AR
2004 SPRTSMN 500 A04CH50AS
2005 INT 500 HO A05MH50FB
2005 SCRMBLR 500 4X4 A05BG50AA
2005 SPRTSMN 400 A05MH42AB
2005 SPRTSMN 400 A05MH42AG
2005 SPRTSMN 400 A05MH42AH
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AB
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AC
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AG
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AH
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AL
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AT
2005 SPRTSMN 600 A05MH59AK
2005 SPRTSMN 600 A05MH59AN
2005 SPRTSMN 6X6 A05CL50AA
2005 SPRTSMN 700 A05MH68AD
2005 SPRTSMN 700 A05MH68AK
Model Year Market Name Model Number
2005 SPRTSMN 700 A05MH68AN
2005 SPRTSMN 700 MIL A05MH68MB
2006 INT SPTSMAN 500 A06MH50FB
2006 SCRMBLR 500 4X4 A06BG50AA
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AA
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AC
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AD
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AF
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AT
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AA
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AB
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AD
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AF
2006 SPRTSMN 6X6 A06CL50AA
2006 SPRTSMN 700 A06MH68AA
2006 SPRTSMN 700 A06MH68AD
2006 SPRTSMN 700 A06MH68AF

The Polaris ATVs were sold by dealers nationwide from July 2004 to January 2008
and are made in the US. Owners should disconnect the black battery cable from the battery when the ATV is not being used and contact their local dealer for repairs.

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